October 5, 2014
October 5, 2014 admin

How to take Care of Your Commercial Linen or Trash Chute

Trash chutes and linen chutes are essential for any commercial high-rise. They provide building occupants with a convenient way to dispose of trash or laundry while keeping smelly, unsightly, and potentially dangerous substances out of sight and mind. Unfortunately, people often take these chutes for granted. Few people think about what happens to their trash once it goes down a chute and into a dumpster. However, the chutes themselves are an integral part of the building and require regular maintenance. Proper commercial chute maintenance ensures optimal performance, cleanliness, and safety for everyone in the building.

Why Trash and Linen Chutes are Important

Trash chutes are a necessity in commercial and residential hi-rises simply because it allows garbage to be disposed of from any floor of the building. The chutes are covered for safety reasons, and they ensure that potentially hazardous materials are handled as little as possible. The chutes themselves go directly to dumpsters in an enclosed area, keeping garbage off the streets as well as away from workers and residents.

Linen chutes are also very important for buildings that need them. A linen chute is generally included in a building that regularly has soiled linen that needs to be collected and washed regularly. Soiled linen can contain anything from dirt and food particles to blood and human waste. Linens that may contain blood and human waste, such as those found in nursing homes and hospitals, are biohazards. Collecting these linens should expose as few people as possible. Linen chutes, much like trash chutes, allow for simple and efficient collection.

Maintenance for Trash and Linen Chutes

As useful as trash and linen chutes are to the health and convenience of those in a hi-rise, they need to be maintained. They get very dirty for obvious reasons. People often throw things like spoiled food and used kitty litter without bags, making it worse. Food on the walls of trash chutes attracts pests like fruit flies and cockroaches. Soiled linens can carry bacteria and blood-borne pathogens, which are hazardous to the health of those in the high-rise.

Clean trash and linen chutes regularly. The frequency of cleaning depends on their usage and purpose, but you should schedule a professional cleaning at least once a year. This generally means going over the entire inside of the chute with a disinfectant and eliminating any signs of vermin.

Trash and linen chute maintenance also means checking out the coverings for the chute openings. They should close tightly when not in use and be kept clean at all times. If the openings are too wide and the coverings don’t work properly, a person could fall down these chutes. Therefore, you should test and replace them as needed.