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Posted April 18, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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There are countless things to consider when designing a commercial building. In addition to local fire, plumbing, and electrical codes, designers also have to consider the logistical aspects of working in the building. This is why most high-rises feature trash chutes for easy disposal of their debris and unwanted items. However, just having the chute is not enough. Designers also want to ensure that the trash chute will provide years of reliable service with minimal issues.

Seamless Design to Limit Clogs

A properly designed chute minimizes seams to allow the garbage bags to roll down the trash chute without getting caught on sharp edges. Otherwise, the items will become stuck and start to wedge against each other. It can lead to a costly clog that is inconvenient and expensive for building owners. Wade Architectural Systems understands that chutes need to be large enough to handle the heavy demands, and they need to be smooth enough that garbage won’t get stuck. That’s why they’re one of the top choices for high-rise building owners.

Odor Control for Great Customer Service

Those who aren’t happy with a building will move on to find work elsewhere. A lasting odor can be the deciding factor when employees are considering whether to continue working in the building. Wade understands that odor control starts with smart designs. They offer chutes with vents that are fully extended through the roof so that odors are vented outdoors instead of into offices.

Other Smart Solutions

Trash chutes need to have large intakes that can handle bigger bags for the convenience of residents. In addition to intakes that are easy to work with, they also include doors that are self-closing and positive latching. They hinge on the bottom and are easy to open from inside the apartment or office. The doors can also be fitted with keys to prevent children from dropping non-garbage down the chute.

Ongoing Services

The best chutes will still need to be cleaned at times. Even the most diligent tenants won’t always tie the bags perfectly, and that will lead to raw garbage scraping the sides and leaving a mess behind. Wade Architectural offers a full range of services in addition to chute manufacturing, including chute cleaning and repairs. This is part of the reason they’re industry leaders in metal manufacturing and chutes for laundry, trash and recycling.

Experience Customers can Rely On

Wade Architectural Systems has been helping architects with trash, linen and recycling solutions since 1923. They offer intense recycling programs that architects can use to make buildings more environmentally friendly. They offer services throughout the state of Texas, and customers appreciate their budget-friendly options. They work hard to meet the needs and expectations of their customers, including with trash chutes and other key features.

Architects who are designing commercial high-rises know that garbage chutes are a key part of the overall design. The right chutes will work smoothly, release odors outside and minimize clogs. They’re easy for people to use and simple for companies to maintain.