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Posted February 4th, 2014 by Christy Serafini
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Don’t settle for the ordinary when it’s time to add ceilings to your commercial interior. Drywall prevents access to the electrical and plumbing lines in the ceiling, but traditional drop panels are tiresome and dated. A fresh, modern approach is architectural ceiling panels by Ceilings Plus available from companies like Wade Architectural Systems. These ceiling systems are customized to suit the individual needs and style of a business, and they’re the perfect way to complete any commercial space.

Form Merges with Function

Architectural ceiling panels from Ceilings Plus come in a range of sizes, shapes and colors. They cover the ceiling without permanently blocking access to important mechanical and plumbing systems. The ceiling panels also absorb sound to make the rooms more quiet and comfortable. Unlike drop-panel ceilings, these systems are attractive and feature a modern touch that cans benefit any space. Whether a curved appearance, straight lines or a modular finish that adds texture and style to any business is needed, architectural ceiling panels are the right choice for finishing ceilings.

Lightweight and Superior Durability

Panels available through Ceilings Plus are durable and lightweight which makes them appropriate for completing soaring heights and low ceilings alike. They’re made with aluminum and are professionally painted in the factor for a perfect color finish. If a leak in the ceiling damages drop panels, the business has no choice but to replace those panels to eliminate the stain and any threat of mold. With architectural panels, however, a leak doesn’t have to result in purchasing new ceiling materials. If the water is stopped in a timely manner, the panels can simply be dried off to restore their original appearance.

Green Option

Companies are constantly under scrutiny by the public, and people expect agencies to take steps to be more environmentally-friendly. This goes beyond just recycling paper when possible and adopting energy efficient business practices. Businesses can also show their commitment to eco- friendly habits by choosing green building options, including architectural panels. Ceilings Plus panels feature up to 98 percent recycled content, and they’re prefabricated to avoid the release of VOCs on the installation site. There are no added formaldehydes, so companies won’t have to worry about indoor air pollution.

Wood Ceiling Panel Options

In addition to metal panels, Ceilings Plus also offers wood ceiling panels that are better suited to sound absorption than metal. They feature a unique three-dimensional look that can add
aesthetics to any area. Built on a metal frame, they’re still lightweight, and they can be used to create an interesting and unique modern design along the ceiling.

Businesses no longer have to settle for standard options. They don’t have to choose between leaving a ceiling open to the steel rafters or finishing it with drop panels. These dated options have given way to modern creations that can be customized to perfectly finish off any space. With these panels professionally fabricated and installed, businesses can create stunning new looks that set them apart from the competition and will make a great impression on clients. Available by Ceilings Plus through Wade Architectural, metal and wood ceiling panels are a cost- effective choice that’s durable, attractive, and unique.