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Products that Inspire

In the past, many commercial buildings featured bland architecture that was primarily driven by utilitarian needs, with little room for innovation or aesthetically-pleasing designs, especially if it meant increasing the costs of the project significantly.

Today, however, the landscape has changed, and with access to modern materials and design options, like the products from Ceilings Plus, commercial architecture can now be exciting and innovative, while still remaining within tight budget requirements.

Ceilings Plus delivers a wide range of products that are custom-designed for your particular application, using computer-aided modeling, and custom-manufactured to meet your specific design requirements. They offer a full selection of ceiling panels, in many different styles, wall panels, column covers, light coves and other many other architectural elements. The panels can be shaped to create curves, two-dimensional shapes or three-dimensional structures, and the available finishes include natural metal, custom coatings of almost any color, or custom wood surfaces made from durable veneers or composites.

Here is an overview of some of the many innovative and exciting architectural products that are manufactured by Ceilings Plus:

#1 Curved Panels

One of the most unique products offered by Ceilings Plus is its Radians series of curved ceiling panels. They can create eye-catching three-dimensional structures, including convex curves, concave curves, waves or even domes, both convex and concave. Visually, they can be used to add attractive shapes and design elements to a room, highlighting changes in a room’s height with pleasing curves, creating smooth transitions between ceilings and walls or just simply to create something more interesting than a flat, tiled ceiling. Functionally, they can be used to hide ugly plumbing, lighting, wiring and HVAC components, while still being easily removable to access the hidden systems for maintenance and repairs. For instance, duct systems hidden along the exterior walls can be hidden by a concave curve, which is lower at the wall edges to hide the ducts, but higher in the center to create full-height ceilings that make the room feel larger. Ducts and other equipment running through the center of the room can be covered by a convex curve, lower in the center, with a smooth transition back to full height along the edges.

#2 Shaped Panels

The Illusions series of shaped ceiling panels can be used to create interesting two-dimensional patterns, or with the proper design and construction, three-dimensional shaped ceilings. They are available in many standard shapes, including rectangles, squares, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombi, pentagons and hexagons, as well as just about any other two-dimensional shape, customized to your specific design. By mixing and matching shapes, colors and finishes, complex two-dimensional patterns can be created that break up the monotony of the ceiling and add depth to the room. By varying the mounting system design and creating surfaces at different angles, three-dimensional structures can easily be created, such as tray ceilings or geodesic domes. Like the curved panels, they can be used strictly for aesthetic appeal, or they can be used to intelligently hide building elements like beams, wiring, pluming or HVAC components.

#3 Modular Panels

The Multiples and Runways series of panels are similar to traditional suspended ceiling systems, but they offer many more design and installation options. The panels can have one of several types of finishes, including natural metal, custom paint or films, or even wood finishes. The Multiples panels are available in both square and rectangular shapes, and they can be mounted using hidden tees, exposed tees or recessed tees. Depending on the mounting systems, the panels either lay in place or are slid in, allowing easy access to the space above the ceiling for maintenance or repairs. The Runways series is specifically designed for hallways or corridors, and features panels with collapsible wings that slide to the center to allow above-ceiling access.

#4 Linear Ceiling Systems

Ceilings Plus also offers several linear ceiling systems, which can be used like wood boards or other similar systems. The Barz series are three-dimensional panels that mimic the look of beams, slats, boards, struts and other structural components. They come in wood, metal or painted finishes, and are lightweight compared to real wood and easily removable for access to a building’s plumbing, wiring or HVAC systems. The Planx and Mirra series are linear, board-like panels that are similar to conventional linear ceilings, with reduced weight and an array of finish options. Metallic or painted finishes are available in the Mirra series, and the Planx series have wood finishes. Unlike natural wood, the Planx linear system will not expand, contract, twist or warp.

#5 Wall Panels

In addition to ceiling panels, Ceilings Plus also manufactures a wide variety of wall panels, featuring a lightweight aluminum core with either a Z-clip or hat channel mounting system that allows quick access to in-wall components. They are available a variety of metal, painted and wood finishes, similar to the ceiling panels, and a variety of shapes, including rectangles squares, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombi and hexagons. They can easily be curved to match the wall’s designs, unlike wood panels, and they can provide better acoustic control, allowing for increased privacy.

#6 Light Coves

The Corniche series of light coves offers a quick and easy way to conceal strip lights and other light fixtures, while diffusing the light evenly and providing direct lighting for certain tasks. It mounts separately from the light fixture, and can easily be moved out of the way for maintenance. It is available in wood or metal finishes, and several different sizes.

#7 Column Covers, Fascias and Other Accessories

Finally, Ceilings Plus offers a variety of column covers that can be matched to the wall or ceiling panels, as well as fascia panels, sunscreens, partitions, light sleeves, reflectors and other products that can provide the finishing touches to the overall design.

With so many ceiling panels, wall panels and other architectural options to choose from, Ceilings Plus makes it easy and affordable to create complex, eye-catching designs that are anything but bland. Their wall and ceiling panels are durable, lightweight and sustainable, thanks to the aluminum core, which is sourced primarily from post-consumer content, and with a variety of looks and finishes, they can be perfect for any project.