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Think ZINC!

Zinc is a natural element in earth’s crust and a very important part of our environment.

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Mining and Commercial Use


Known as ‘spelter’ in commerce, zinc is the 4th most used metal in the world, with a market of $40 billion. While the largest zinc mine in the world is located in Rajasthan, India, over 50 countries worldwide mine zinc, with China, Australia, Canada, and the US being the largest producers.


Zinc is used worldwide for roofing and exterior cladding on buildings and other structures, as well as its alloy, die casting, which can be used for numerous decorative and functional purposes.

ZINC Benefits

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Environmentally Friendly

100% recyclable, and without losing its qualities, the original metal can be used time and time again.

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Custom Applications

Anything is possible: firm lines, lavish curves, from the smallest details to massive impacts.

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Low Maintenance

Produces a self-protective coating on its surface requiring no special maintenance.

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Long Lifespan

Service live of 200 - 300 years, depending on the product used and local conditions.

5 Common Panel Styles

Zinc panels are available in a wide variety of styles, configurations and finishes. They are extremely versatile and can be curved to fit over curves or around obstacles, and perforated for a custom look.

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Standing Seam Roof

The roof of iconic theatre with NedZink NATUREL

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Mixed materials featuring Nedzink NIOR

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Leiden's Historic center with Nedzink NOIR

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Houston industrial fire station

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Metal Plate

LEED Certified building Zinc Plate System

Certification, Environment and Health

NedZink is aware of its social responsibility. The policy is designed to prioritize sustainability and the environment. This is reflected in a number of important product certificates, including ISO and an Environmental Product Declaration.

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Zinc Roof Hobby Airport
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