May 10, 2023
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Specify Your Sound Needs With Sonus Acoustic Panels

Specifying acoustics to create a beautiful space that people enjoy being in just as much as they admire the design is a feat every architect strives to accomplish.

Depending on the size of the space and the commercial construction materials used, you may need additional sound-absorption products. This is because reflective surfaces create echoes that travel across the room.

In the wrong application, these bouncing soundwaves create uncomfortable areas where people don’t enjoy being. All in all, the more the echo, the more distracting and bothersome it can be.

But you don’t have to choose between design and comfort. With Sonus acoustic panels, you can create a comforting environment in which visitors will enjoy the aesthetics without reverberating sound that sends people away to find relief.

Find The Right Acoustics For Your Space’s Specifications

Whether you’re building a restaurant, school, or convention center, the sound matters. Keep the space you are designing beautiful, welcoming, and comfortable for all who live, work, and play there with Sonus acoustical products.

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1. Large Open Spaces Call For Sound Absorption

The dimensions of a room can have a massive impact on the way sound moves across the space. For instance, a small enclosed room will bounce the soundwaves of a regular speaking voice in a short amount of time. Meaning, you will hear what someone says without a hit of reverb.

However, larger spaces, without acoustical treatments, will elongate these soundwaves. This can result in even faint whispers traveling through the space. Music and louder conversations quickly become bothersome and irritating.

Whether you want to incorporate sleek wood grain or attractive felt panels, Sonus has acoustical products for any aesthetic and vibe. Especially in large rooms, the Loda LED  baffles are incredibly helpful. In addition to the absorbing acoustic core, the ceiling-installed baffles block soundwaves from traveling the full distance of your large, beautiful room.

When soundwaves are interrupted with Loda LED baffles, they scramble and reduce their impact. Plus, these baffles are especially functional with their LED lights that help to illuminate the space to showcase your exceptional design.

2. The Floors, Wall, & Ceiling Materials May Amplify Sounds & Reflections

Consider a room with beautiful marble floors and plaster walls. From looks alone, you can likely imagine the space in a magazine. In fact, maybe you’ve previously seen the space in a design publication.

What you don’t sense from these awe-inspiring images is that those materials, as gorgeous as they may be, are highly reflective. This means soundwaves are longer and more noticeable as they bounce between surfaces.

However, a larger room made of solid non-porous surfaces will reflect even the smallest of sounds. This creates an echo that bounces from the floor, walls, and ceilings. Most people have experienced this in a loud restaurant when it’s difficult to hear the person next to them.

To achieve your desired acoustics without straying from your design, you can include the Trava  wood panel acoustic system by Sonus. These panels have a real wood veneer finish with 5 layers of materials including:

  • 2 layers of polyurethane lacquer
  • High quality 0.2 mm wood veneer
  • Paper interlayer
  • Aluminum
  • Paper backing

This unique 5-layer construction provides various levels of sound absorption to stop both reflections and the transmission of soundwaves from within a single room and any connecting rooms.

Beneath the 5-layer veneer finish is a high-density acoustic board bordered by 2 rigid, high-density acoustic boards. The beautiful wooden wall panels are aesthetically pleasing and eliminate any potential sensory overload.

3. Noise Absorption Creates More Functional Spaces

Acoustics are an art form that when done right, amplify the right sounds throughout a space. For instance, many churches are designed to amplify the voices originating from the altar and choir/band section. This allows for sermons and music to reach every pew throughout the space.

However, these types of designs also prevent sound from the congregation from traveling across the room. One of the ways this unique acoustical design is achieved is through properly-placed, sound-absorbing ceiling and wall panels.

The Aoudi  wood plank acoustic system provides the classic look of wood panels without the added reverb caused by solid wood. With the same 5-layer wood veneer construction and high-density acoustic boards as the Trava, the Aoudi creates an acoustically ambient space that people enjoy.

With options to fit your design, you can choose from 4, 6, 8, or 10-foot long panels. Additionally, you can also choose whether the panel width is 6 or 12 inches wide.

Include sound-absorbing materials in your commercial construction project. Contact Wade to learn more.

4. People Complain Of Bad Sound But Don’t Notice Good Acoustics

Unless they have a specialty in acoustics or are sensory sensitive, most people don’t notice good acoustics when they visit a room or building. However, most people will notice and complain about a bad acoustic design.

As mentioned above, this is highly relatable in restaurant settings. But other types of spaces also require acoustic treatments to meet the functionality requirements. For example, people with autism typically have hyperacusis. This is a heightened sensitivity to sounds. The noises that trigger their sensitivities may include school bells, radios, TVs, and even the regular sounds that occur inside a single classroom.

Because of this, learning environments can either be a conducive place to learn or the reason for a terrible experience for certain people. Classrooms in particular are excellent spaces for the Sonus acoustic wood panels. However, you can add more colors and fun into its design with the Sonus felt or fabric panels.

These panels can be in the form of printed canvas that act as art with sound-absorbing properties. Or you can include fabric cloud baffle applications to the ceilings for a colorful design that eliminates reverberations.

5. Sonus Acoustic Panels Complement Any Design

Whether you’re designing a sleek, modern office building or a quirky space for children and/or creatives, the Sonus acoustic lineup has something for every design and vibe.

Not sure where to start? The experts at Wade Architectural Systems have the extensive product knowledge you need on your side. We help architects choose the best materials for their design and function goals.

We distribute materials for manufacturers that we’re proud to stand beside. Sonus products are designed for easy installation which eliminates errors for the best possible results.

Plus, Sonus products are sustainable and most are made from at least 60% recycled materials. The end products are 100% recyclable, meaning they never have to end up in a landfill. Not only does Wade and Sonus help you achieve your design goals, but our products also help you meet your and your client’s sustainability and LEED certification goals.

Work With Wade To Meet Your Design & Function Goals

When you have a design in mind, Wade makes it happen. With a team of experts who know the ins and outs of every product we sell, we can help you make the best decisions for your commercial construction projects.

No matter the aesthetic, function, or environmental elements in your area – we have a solution. Moreover, Wade provides installation drawings for every product you purchase from us. This ensures proper installation the first time, saving you money and time. Plus, when materials are installed correctly, you can fully enjoy all of the benefits they offer.

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