High Thermal Performance
Reduces Thermal Bridging
Accepts Many Insulation Types
Provides an Air, Moisture and Vapor Barrier

What is SMARTci?

SMARTci is an innovative continuous insulation system that provides better thermal performance than conventional insulation systems by minimizing thermal conduction through girts and fasteners. It consists of insulation, insulated GreenGirt sub-girts, GreenGrirt inserts, an installation package and accessories. The composite GreenGirt provides a weather-tight seal for the insulation and an attachment system for the exterior wall cladding that is thermally non-conductive, eliminating thermal bridging at the fasteners.

The SMARTci system uses variable-height GreenGirts that accept insulation thicknesses from 2-6 inches, and it can be used with many types of insulation, including polyisoyanurate or polystyrene foam panels, sprayed foam, mineral wool or fiberglass batts. It can be installed over stud walls, masonry, concrete, roof decks and most other types of substrates, and it can accept many types of exterior cladding, including metal wall panels, brick or wood sheathing.

What are the advantages over other CI systems?

The SMARTci system is easy and quick to install, using processes that are familiar to contractors, and it offers superior thermal performance that can dramatically reduce energy consumption compared to conventional insulation systems. It provides up to 6 inches of insulation, encapsulated in thermally non-conductive GreenGirts, and it is highly resistant to air, water and vapor penetration. It can work on nearly any type of structures and substrate, in new or existing construction, and it can accept many types of exterior cladding using a built-in attachment system, including metal wall panels and brick facades. As a complete insulation solution, it can eliminate many other components of a conventional wall system, including sheathing, spray-applied vapor barriers or vapor wraps, and separate cavity insulation. Unlike other systems, which use long fasteners that penetrate the insulation to support the wall cladding, creating thermal bridging problems, the SMARTci system uses insulated GreenGirts, which include a built-in cladding attachment system that thermally isolates the cladding from the interior. GreenGrits make the installation process easy, and much less complex and time-consuming than conventional systems.

What are your installation credentials?

We have worked extensively with the SMARTci continuous insulation system, and have installations throughout the United States, including large concentrations in the Northeast, Northwest, and both South and North Carolina. SMARTci is popular in these markets and many others that have adopted the most recent energy codes, which no longer allow the use of conventional insulation systems with thermally-conductive, inefficient metal girts. The SMARTci system addresses these concerns by using insulated GreenGirt composite sub-girts, which thermally isolate the wall cladding and provide a high-performance vapor and moisture seal for the insulation. The system eliminates many of the sources of thermal bridging found in conventional insulation systems, and offers a choice of high-performance insulation options.

How is SMARTci better than traditional CI systems?

It is much quicker and easier to install, using methods that are similar to conventional products, and it offers much higher thermal performance. By using innovative insulated sub-girts with a built-in cladding attachment system, it eliminates the thermal bridging through the fasteners and can accept many common types of wall cladding, including brick or metal panels. It can be used with just about any type of insulation, including foam panels, sprayed foam, mineral wool or fiberglass batts, and it provides an effective seal against air, moisture and vapors. It is cost-effective and eliminates many wall components that would normally be applied separately, such as vapor barriers or cavity insulation.


  • Wade Architectural Systems
    Our Building Was Costing a Fortune to Heat
    Your Team Introduced Us to SMARTci
    Written by: James, K
    Date Published: 2016-03-13

    Our old office complex was drafty and cold in the winter, and costing the company a fortune to heat. We discussed our options with Wade Architectural Systems, and they suggested SMARTci to go over the existing masonry wall, followed by new cladding. What a difference!

  • Wade Architectural Systems
    Wanted the Best Solution for Metal-Framed Walls
    SMARTci Was a Time-Saver
    Written by: Patrick, S
    Date Published: 2016-03-13

    Our project features metal stud walls, and we wanted the most efficient insulation and cladding systems we could get. Wade Architectural Systems suggested SMARTci, along with a metal panel system, and we were quite pleased with the results. Not only is it efficient, but it eliminates many of the steps along the way and installs quite quickly. We saved both time and money.