MedStar Healthcare

MedStar Healthcare

Architect: Ferguson Studios, Forth Worth, Texas

Products: Zinc

Installer: Ramon Franklin, LLC

At A Glance
  • Flatlock Panels
  • Quartz Zinc
  • Quartz Zinc Plus

MedStar Healthcare purchased a former auto dealership in Fort Worth and began renovations to the existing 60,000 square foot, 10-acre facility. MedStar responds to about 112,000 calls per year. It has 350 employees, mostly paramedics, and operates 55 ambulances on an annual budget of about $33 million so this new space will offer a lot more room. These renovations include Zinc on the exterior of the building to give an urban look that blends with the surrounding golden triangle businesses and neighborhoods.

MedStar Healthcare
MedStar Healthcare

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