Consolidated Rental Car

Consolidated Rental Car Facility IAH

Architect: PGAL Architects

Products: Centria

Installer: National Panel Systems

At A Glance
  • Centria Intercept

This consolidated rental car facility and bus maintenance facility created a model for consolidated car rentals at U.S. airports, and provides an updated modern facility with customer access to all nine rental car companies at the airport. The lighting for the 80,000 square foot main facility is bright, energetic, and uplifting for tired travelers while still being very maintenance and energy friendly.

This project consisted of 3 buildings which house the new car rental center consisting of a 102,000sf 2-level customer service building, 1,652,000sf parking garage and 20,000sf bus maintenance facility. The 2-level facility sits on a 140-acre site and included a 30,000sf 4-bay Bus Maintenance Facility, along with a 3,500sf bus wash and fueling station with a 20,000-gallon underground fuel storage tank.

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Consolidated Rental Car Facility IAH
Consolidated Rental Car Facility IAH

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