2100 West Loop

2100 West Loop South Parking Garage

Architect: Abel Design

Products: Construction Specialties

Installer: Griesenbeck

At A Glance
  • Construction Specialties VB-640

2100 West Loop South Parking Garage has a seven level parking garage with 532 total parking spaces connected to the building by a covered walkway with easy access to the 610 Loop North and South.

C/S Parking Garage Screens provide an aesthetic architectural solution to the engineering problem of garage ventilation and vision control. Capable of spanning large openings for multiple parking levels, C/S Parking Screens offer vision protection to adjacent buildings and the street below from automobile headlights. Vision Barriers are offered in a wide array of patterns, varying in width depth and free area for adequate air exchange. From simple vertical lines to elaborate designs, Parking Screens can span normal floor levels without intermediate supports.

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2100 West Loop South Parking Garage
2100 West Loop South Parking Garage

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