Lighting/Sun Control Applications

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Construction Specialties manufactures architectural specialties for new construction including louvers, grilles, sun controls, and fire and explosion vents. CS designers also work with architects and building to collaborate on ideas and new products. This collaboration has lead to many breakthroughs. Construction Specialties has more than 350 patents worldwide.  

solar sunshade
Add drama to your building day or night with new Airfoil Lux Sunshades

Suitable for all climates, Airfoil Lux blades and fascias utilize energy-efficient, weather-resistant LED lighting to dramatically outline or illuminate your building during evening hours. Available in 8" or 12" widths in five standard colors. 

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Vision Barriers

Specify a CS Vision Barrier design anywhere you need sight screening or a horizontal or vertical accent wall. The rugged aluminum screen patterns satisfy requirements for free area movement. Varied height, width and blade spacing of each pattern provide unlimited options.

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cs grilles
Geometric Grilles

CS’ Geometric Grilles give you countless options for expressing your design vision with patterns, colors and customization. Grilles also provide a beautiful, environmentally responsible and economic alternative for renovating existing building façades.

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cs louver
Architectural Louvers

Without sacrificing performance, Construction Specialties now provides architects with new tools to use on their facades which will make it so you never look at louvers the same way again. C/S Louvers offers many types of architectural louvers including drainable, non-drainable, storm resistant, blast, operating, bold line...etc. 

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cs coatings




C/S Architectural products and finishes have always been synonymous with quality and have met the demands of architects, engineers and designers around the world for over 60 years. Our new, state of the art Powder Coat finishing line is not only environmentally-friendly, but it actually improves on the quality finish we have become recognized for. The C/S Powder Coat AAMA 2605 finish comes with a 20 year color integrity warranty with no extra cost.

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panellite Logo

Panelite’s ClearShade high performance exterior glazing allows architects, engineers and building owners to meet daylighting, energy efficiency, user comfort and aesthetic goals in a single product. Most critical for energy efficiency and return on investment, ClearShade™ technology optimizes both DAYLIGHTING and SOLAR HEAT CONTROL, while most glazing solutions favor one of these goals at the expense of the other.


clear shade glazing

Lines of sight are physically directed through the tubular, cellular structure of ClearShade honeycomb, and a variety of factors can be manipulated to achieve design goals of visibility and privacy, transparency, color and texture.

Directional transparency means that the degree of transparency of the ClearShade unit varies dynamically, through movement, as the angle of the viewer’s line of sight changes and as the viewer’s distance to the unit changes.

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clear shade exteriors

While most building envelope solutions favor daylighting or solar heat control at the expense of the other, ClearShade addresses both, with a 75% improvement in solar heat gain control over standard IGUs, with Solar Heat Gain Coefficients as low as 0.07 at midday to reduce HVAC requirements and improve energy efficiency.

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custom color options
Color Options

ClearShade glazing units can be completely tailored to the designer’s vision. The honeycomb insert is available in a range of architectural colors and patterns and can also be customized.  The makeup of the insulating glass unit can be specified in a broad range of standard or custom colors, coatings, frits, and dimensions.

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gkd logoGKD Metal Fabrics produces technologically advanced woven metal fabric solutions from concept to completion. With a broad spectrum of fabric designs, thicknesses, weights, rigidity, widths and transparency, GKD Metal Fabrics are suitable for diverse interior and exterior architectural applications and can help push your design to extraordinary heights.

gkd sun control

Stainless steel façade sun protection by GKD makes a significant contribution to the sustainable building concept, keeping the building heat gain under control while filtering light for optimal natural lighting utility. GKD metal fabrics and their innovative attachment systems are crafted of non-corroding high-grade AISI Type 316 stainless steel. As a result, every installation is a marriage of the material’s inherent beauty, durability and ease of maintenance. 

GKD Metal Fabrics Patterns 

GKD's flexible woven metal fabrics provides indisputable technical, aesthetic and environmentally responsible solutions to any building’s exterior and interior. There is no substitute for extraordinary design.

gkd fabrics

Start by ordering a sampling of any of our weaves in either a made-to-order sample box containing just the swatches that interest you the most, or choose our signature sample box which contains our most popular weaves.

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