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Exterior Panels

Choose from one of our many vendors to bring your vision to life. Metal Applications include dynamic colors, innovative styles and textures you are sure to love! Meanwhile, enjoy amazing high performance and sustainability.

Interior Product Applications

Interior Metal Applications range from ceilings and walls to architectural design elements. With you imagination and our products we are sure to create memorable projects for years to come.

Graphic Product Applications

Create your very own designs that are etched mechanically on metal fabric or by using custom perforations to create beautiful durable images.

Wood Look Applications

Dizal specializes digitally printed aluminum siding.

Insulation Applications

Eliminate thermal bridge and avoid unnecessary heating and cooling costs

Lighting/Sun Applications

Grills, sunshades, metal perforated screens, we have you covered.

Insulated Metal Panel Applications

Our partnered manufacturers have a wide range of innovative solutions and colors that offer ease of maintenance.

Don't settle for just one! Make your project unique with 3-4 of our product applications.