March 8, 2019
March 8, 2019 admin

How Natural Lighting Affects You, And Your Real Estate

It is a major selling point for your real estate as one of the most sought after office perks; and if you have an overwhelming affection for photography, it may well be your best friend.

Natural light has captivated humans for ages, and as yesteryear’s architecture took away commonplace access to this natural mood booster, once again the growing demand for natural light ensues.

Despite many scientific studies that back the health benefits provided by sunlight, coupled with innumerable workplace studies that herald natural light as a proven productivity booster, older construction methods have minimized our access to sunlight.

Let’s analyze why natural lighting remains a high ranking priority for people, and how it affects you and your real estate.

Why Is Natural Lighting Important?

The Health Benefits Are Innumerable

Let’s start by pointing at the obvious, yet overlooked.

While there is an internal need to get away from the fluorescent lighting after continued exposure – there is scientific evidence that encourages contact with sunlight as well.

An increasing number of people suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency, with the number reaching 1 billion. Access to ample sunlight can help replenish this vital nutrient in your body, which is responsible for calcium absorption and bone growth, and is linked with the treatment of autism, cancer, and depression to name a few.

It isn’t just vitamins you get; natural light also supplements a blissful sleep. Research indicates your level of exposure to sunlight has a direct relationship with the amount, and quality, of the sleep you get at night.

Intricately designed sun shades and daylight systems can provide the necessary boost required for your health. Customized solutions, including sun controls, sun shades, and daylight systems filter in daylight for a healthier environment.

Natural Light Usage Is Cost Effective

Our over-reliance on electricity powered lighting and heating systems comes at a hefty price – and one which we pay for every 30 days or so.

Integrating natural light into your workplace or home drastically reduces the need for artificial illumination – which is reflected in reduced utility bills. In addition to lighting, heating systems cause a substantial burden on electricity bills.

By integrating sunlight through advanced technological insulating glass units, users enjoy ample natural light. They also save considerably on cooling energy and electricity. Additionally, they eliminate the maintenance costs of add-on elements.

Natural Light Boosts Workplace Productivity

Offices devoid of sunlight usually lack liveliness, which helps keep employees engaged and the workplace productive. Don’t take our word for it, ask science.

There are countless studies that vouch for the efficiency experienced through the presence of natural light. The benefits are not just restricted to the office; they work wonders at home too. Workers who sat in sunlit rooms slept for 46 minutes longer than employees with artificial lights.

What’s more – there have been concrete studies that have documented the substantial effect that natural light has on the work environment. They have all reiterated a fact we knew all along. Natural light is one of the topmost must-haves in the work environment.

The studies went a step further to conclude that the presence of daylight is the most significant factor in increasing sales volume. It is second only to the number of hours worked per week.

Employees deprived of sunlight desire it more than anything else. According to a Future Workplace study, more than 50% of Americans stated natural light was one of the most important office perks. It ranked higher than on-site cafeterias, fitness centers, and even on-site childcare.

Solar management is good for business, employers, and the environment. Expert solar management entities provide consumers with attractive and effective metal fabric sunshade placements. These sunshades allow ample sunlight to filter into the office. This reduces costs and boosts productivity.

Improves Real Estate Value

As modern construction continues to find ways to include sunlight in homes, offices, and other spaces, homeowners are actively seeking properties with abundant natural light. Modern homeowners want homes that showcase plenty of sunlight.

However, our intense likening of natural light goes deeper than aesthetics. A study by the Ohio State University stated that prolonged exposure to artificial light was linked to overeating, and thus obesity. Apart from pleasing aesthetics, the cost-effective and health-related benefits of natural light add to its demand.

This is now reflected in real estate prices while commercial real estate that doesn’t have access to natural light is leased at approximately 20%  lower than its sun-lit counterparts.

Perforated screen walls present a unique solution to your natural lighting woes. Centria offers a 40% open area that provides ample light and air. This ensures a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, Centria provides a durable solution that enhances the value of your real estate.