December 27, 2021
December 27, 2021 admin

The Beauty of Metal Ceilings

There are many reasons to cover a ceiling, whether it is inharmonious or you are just looking for a change. Some options are very economical, while others are more of an investment. It all comes down to how much you are willing to spend and your taste.

Common white ceiling tiles were the standard go-to materials in the past. Today’s market demands that commercial interiors not only perform well but also look great and contribute to a sustainable and healthy world.



Wood ceiling systems can be an economical way to solve several acoustical problems and transform your space from boring to eye-catching. Because natural wood provides a cozy environment, metal with wood veneers and faux wood finishes have become popular when transforming these spaces.

The most common use of ceiling panels is to lower a high ceiling so plumbing, electrical and other building elements that are better left unseen are covered. Metal wood ceiling panels have a few advantages over white tiles, but the most crucial advantage is aesthetics.



One of the most significant interior design topics right now is acoustic performance. The goal of designing a space that eliminates unwanted noise can be challenging.

The solid nature of a good wood slat ceiling cannot be overstated. Custom wood ceilings are designed to naturally absorb and reflect sound at their core forming a solid acoustic wall. Acoustic performance is adjusted with a backer or acoustical blanket to maximize sound control. Sounds from adjacent rooms or floors above are easily reflected and stay in their respective areas.

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The sound advantages are significant in auditoriums, libraries, and places in smaller spaces, including classrooms and meeting rooms.

While white ceiling tiles absorb sound, they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing. If you want to customize your space with the best acoustics, metal ceilings are a great option.



The main advantage of metal linear wood slates over real wood is maintenance and installation. While both products add a lot of character to a space, metal requires very little maintenance or repair work and is very resistant to its surrounding conditions. The lightweight structure makes metal installation faster and places minimum weight on a buildings structure.

It is also complete upon installation. The finish is already applied, so when the panels go up the ceilings are completely finished. No messy taping, sanding, painting or dust cleanup. That alone should enough of a benefit to convince anyone!

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The reality is metal panel systems have come a long way. You can find them in an endless variety of styles, shapes and colors. Adding to the allure, they are also fire resistant and durable.

Why lose all the advantages of metal by putting in a ceiling that requires more maintenance, is less fire resistant, and more costly to repair?



Metal Systems offer excellent performance year-round, and the durability translates into lower cost because of the product’s life cycle.

In addition, they are not limited to traditional rectilinear, 2-D shapes. You have total design flexibility with systems that accommodate convex and concave curves, polygons and polyhedrons, second and third dimensions, and infinite finish and perforation options.

If you want bold, beautiful aesthetics over the standard, metal ceilings might be an excellent option for your next project.