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Posted May 9th, 2014 by Christy Serafini

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When it comes to commercial construction, there are several finishing options to consider. Brick is a popular choice for durability, but it carries a high labor cost and initial expense. When a lightweight, cost-effective covering is required, look beyond vinyl to the benefits of Centria Panels. These panels are commonly used for large building enclosures, and they feature a special blending of engineering, construction expertise and manufacturing that will satisfy most building owners.

The Cost-Effective Option

Centria Panels carry a lower price than other cladding options, and they help companies save money in several ways. With a lower weight, they carry a lower installation cost. They also last longer than most siding options, and that makes them a long-term solution that’s highly cost effective. Available in a range of styles and colors, they can be used to create almost any fantastic look for the commercial structure.

Design and Detailing Assistance

When companies invest in a new structure, they want it to stand out and look impressive. The business wants to have a unique look that customers will remember, and that can be difficult to achieve with simple brick or wood siding. The metal panels can be customized to mimic waves, create consistent lines or achieve almost any other look. Wade Architectural Panels offers design and detailing assistance to help business owners develop the perfect finished look. With professional guidance, the company can choose the right metal, design, and colors for their individual needs.

Insulated Options for Great Energy Efficiency

Centria panels are available in insulated options that can help companies reduce their utility expenses. The panels are available for use on walls and even in roofing systems. They’re an important part of the building envelop that protects the building’s interior from winds, drafts, water and heat transfer. Centria offers the Formawall Dimension Series. This is the only wall system that features both moisture control and thermal efficiency in one convenient panel.

Versatile Screens

The metal panels from Centria are also available in perforated options. The great benefit of a perforated panel is that it provides light control while still allowing the movement of air. The translucent look prevents parking garages from feeling too dark while still keeping most of the rain out. They’re also an excellent addition for very damp areas where additional moisture control is necessary to protect the building structure.

Segmented Designs and Full Integration

Simulate the look of tiles or long planks with segmented construction. The Formawall Graphix Series by Centria features insulated panels that look like smaller tiles. It provides designers with limitless possibilities for a great finished look. The wall systems from Centria also offer fully integrated solutions for a seamless finish. Louvers for vents are blended seamlessly with the overall design, and sunshades for windows become part of the overall package. Regardless of the type of design that’s required, Centria has the solutions top architects are looking for.

There are countless ways to finish a commercial building, but metal wall systems are growing in popularity. They’re cost-effective and easy to care for. They’re extremely durable and made to last for decades. With the ability to finish them in different colors and styles, they’re a top choice for architects who want to make a unique statement with a commercial building.