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Cynthia Ortiz

Cynthia Ortiz

Cynthia Ortiz joined Wade Architectural Systems in 2014.  She loves to collaborate with architects and designers to help them find the right product for their project designs, and enjoys providing product presentations and educational CEU’s.  Cynthia has supported the Architectural and Design community for 15 years with various architectural products.  She maintains her LEED AP certification in order to better understand and support the goals of sustainable design.


In her spare time, Cynthia loves simple things!  She loves being at home, having fun with family and friends, watching football, yoga and weight-training, coordinating Financial Peace University classes, and the occasional opportunity to use her sign language skills.

Advanced Glazing Solutions

Topics discussed include developments in high-performance glazing to address key glazing design objectives – such as solar heat control, daylighting, views, and energy savings – and how honeycomb glazing uses angular selective technology to optimally balance these objectives. The benefits of ample diffuse daylighting on occupant well-being and productivity are addressed as are cost savings through reduced lighting and HVAC energy loads, and independent daylighting and energy studies are included.

Work with extremely accomplished professionals all with a unique mix of talent and tackle some fantastic projects together.
Digital Wood

This course will introduce the learner to digital printing’s impact on the cladding industry. We will then review various methods of producing unique finishes on traditional, recyclable cladding materials and compare those options. Finally, we will review how using these types of material can contribute to the overall sustainability of your projects.

What makes a good company enjoyable? Working with well structured manufacturers and innovative products!
Houston Area Safety Council Building
Glass Rainscreen

This course presents the complete design approach to rainscreens and explains why rainscreens are an important topic for the building envelope and enclosures. This course enforces the use of control layers to maximize the use of a drained, backed ventilated rainscreen system performance for both new and existing buildings.

What makes a good company enjoyable? Working with well structured manufacturers and innovative products!
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