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The Value of a Trash Chute

If you want to provide your commercial building residents with more convenience, consider including a trash chute in your corporate office. Chutes are used every day in hotels, businesses, and residential buildings to make things easier for homeowners. With a metal chute, keeping living or working areas clean is a snap for owners and building managers. And in the hospitality industry, chutes are essential to the proper functioning of daily business. The question always remains, however: is a laundry, recycling, or trash chute cost-effective for your home or business?

Cost Vs. Need: Why Sometimes You Just Need a Chute

Sometimes it’s common to justify not using a laundry or trash chute when there are “cheaper” alternatives: hand-pickup of laundry, however, will end up costing more in the long run. As any smart hotel executive will tell you, however, that method isn’t cost effective when doing such work on a daily basis. Laundry and linen chutes are virtually a requirement for efficient maintenance of a hotel.

High-rise apartments make use of trash chutes as a way of efficiently getting rid of waste. If you’ve ever seen a large apartment building with garbage bags in front of a building stacked a half-story high (complete with rats and strays tearing open garbage bags in search of food), the value of a more efficient means of waste disposal becomes immediately obvious.

Whereas garbage chutes in particular became somewhat less common after the 1970’s in large cities such as New York and Los Angeles after incinerators became illegal, they remain useful as a way to collect garbage for transport in high-rise buildings, particularly with upgrades in compacting and storage technology. Chutes reduce human effort (which keeps your building cleaner in general due to the convenience factor), and in large buildings are a useful way to ensure that disposal is as easy for tenants as collection is for sewage departments having need to collect only large dumpsters as opposed to dealing with trash from large numbers of individuals.

How Much Does a Chute Cost? Less Than You Think

While chutes often aren’t part of regular construction plans in many newer buildings, they remain easy to install and a cost-effective way to ensure proper trash disposal. Depending on the chute system, they can reduce trash disposal costs significantly.¬†While trash disposal chutes can occasionally operate at the neighborhood level, most of the time a good chute system for a single building is more time-efficient and cost-effective. Designers usually make trash chutes compatible with compactor systems to reduce waste bulk from buildings and include chute enclosures to prevent environmental damage.Many cities encourage recycling chutes as well to minimize damage to the environment.

Companies such as Wade Architectural Systems specialize in creating energy-efficient chute systems can significantly cut down garbage disposal costs while increasing convenience for your clients. Using high-quality chutes, such as those provided by Wilkinson High-Rise, ensures not only cost reduction in terms of transport cost, but also lower maintenance cost, reducing the burden for you and your tenants.