May 25, 2023
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As you envision the future commercial space of your design, are you looking past the aesthetics?

If not, you may be missing a major aspect of what makes a space inviting, comfortable, and safe. As beautiful as many of the building materials available are, they may result in increased sound reverberations.

Unfortunately, if the sound within a building or other type of structure is distracting, it can cause a negative response from visitors. Rather than take this risk in your next commercial construction project, put safety and comfort at the forefront of your design.

Sonus manufactures various acoustic panels that enhance the experience of commercial spaces. No matter your design, there is a Sonus panel system that will blend seamlessly with the aesthetic.

Explore The Benefits Of Sonus Acoustic Panels

Sonus is revolutionizing sound with its lines of acoustic panels. Design a space that will keep the vibe right with strategically placed acoustic panels that absorb sound waves. Plus, the variety of aesthetic options is sure to complement any design.

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1. Acoustic Panels Create A Welcoming Environment For Guests

Have you ever entered a space and thought, “Wow, it sounds amazing in here!”

The answer is likely no. This is because when acoustics are well-thought-out, the sound doesn’t become a distraction. The best case possible is that those without sound expertise don’t even notice.

The reason for this is that most people only notice the sound when it’s bad. Reflective materials and reverberations create echoes that increase the volume within a space. This can make even quiet conversations travel, diminishing privacy and distracting others.

However, when you take acoustics into account in the beginning, people will notice the inviting and welcoming environment. While they may not be able to put their finger on exactly why the space feels more comfortable, they will associate it with a positive memory.

2. Productivity Increases When Noisy Distractions Decrease

No matter your industry, nuisance noises can seriously distract workers from effectively completing their tasks. As a result, productivity suffers right along with the revenue stream.

To give the businesses that will occupy the space you’ve designed the best environment, keep sound absorption at top of mind. To do this, use Sonus acoustic panels.

Sonus has created several acoustic panel systems to complement any architect’s design. The wood veneer panels are a far cry from the wood paneling you may remember from your grandparents’ home. Instead, they are sleek and timeless.

The Trava panel system consists of large panels with a width of up to 48 inches and a length of up to 120 inches. These are perfect for use as wall panels with no sub-wall requirement. Their lightweight of one pound per square foot makes for easy installation, cutting down on labor costs.

The Aoudi panel system is designed for wall and ceiling placement. It boasts the same light weight as the Trava. Both weigh only 30% of traditional MDF but with the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) value of acoustic materials. The Aoudi are narrower planks that come in standard sizes with lengths of 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet and widths of 6, 8, or 12 inches.

Additionally, the Loda is a ceiling-suspended panel system designed to reflect sound waves into its high-density core for absorption and performance. These panels are made of real wood with an acoustic core. The standard Loda sizes have a length of 48, 60, or 98 inches, a height of 9, 12, or 20 inches, and a thickness of 2.5 inches.

3. Better Sound Quality For Music & Speaking Venues

While acoustic panels can make any space more comfortable, their utility holds a lot more weight in concert and speaking venues. Like most concert halls that were designed to be such a place, acoustics are considered in the entire design.

Aside from absorbing sound, certain places need sound to also travel a strategic path. This goal can be achieved through the use of diffuser panels and sound-absorbing panels.

Diffusers effectively scatter sounds into different directions to help audiences hear the intended speakers or music. However, not all sounds should be heard. Depending on the space, this may include sounds from the audience, a lobby, and venue bars and concession stands.

Diligently placed wood, felt, or fabric panels by Sonus can enhance the vibe of your space both aesthetically and acoustically. The many options allow for wall panels, ceiling planks, baffles, and clouds.


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4. Improved Safety & Health Conditions For Workers

Noise can be much more than an annoying nuisance. According to the CDC, “Continual exposure to noise can cause stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other health problems.”

In fact, this same article explains that over 50% of people between the ages of 20-69 have experienced hearing damage from on-the-job noise exposure. Not only is this not good for an employer’s insurance premiums, but excessive noise can seriously affect workers’ health.

Some louder environments, like construction zones or even concert halls may offer their employees ear protection for sounds that can’t be avoided. However, you can take this a step further by including sound-absorbing materials into the initial design.

5. Panels Blend Perfectly Into Any Design Aesthetic

While wood is not historically known for its sound absorption, the experts at Sonus have designed various panel systems with a beautiful wood veneer.

The wood veneer is part of a 5-layer sound-absorbing construction that also includes a polyurethane lacquer, paper interlay, aluminum, and paper backing. Behind the multilayer veneer are three high-density acoustic boards. The outer layers are rigid and while the center is 6-7 lbs.

This combination of materials creates optimal sound absorption. The reason being is that soundwaves experience varying transitions as they pass through different materials. This is a similar concept to how soundproof glass is created from panes of glass with different levels of thickness. As a result, soundwaves receive a multitude of disturbances that prevent them from traveling further throughout a space.

Work With Wade To Complement Your Design With Sonus Acoustic Panels

When you have a commercial construction project on the horizon, you need the experts at Wade Architectural Systems in your corner. No matter if you are designing a school, office building, church, stadium, parking lot, or beautiful landscape – we have the materials you need.

Our team of specialists work closely with architects to determine the best products for each individual project. We take into account the end goal and carefully consider factors such as an end user’s health, comfort, and productivity. Additionally, we’ll help you choose the best materials for each distinctive environment as certain areas require special coatings on metal panels to prevent corrosion.

When you order through Wade, you will also receive installation drawings to help ensure your materials are installed correctly the first time. This helps projects stay on budget and avoid unnecessary delays.

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