Strong Composite Fiberglass Structure
Same Load-Bearing Capability as Steel
Increased Thermal Performance
Integrated Cladding Attachment System

What is GreenGirt?

GreenGirt is a composite sub-framing component, called a girt, that is less thermally-conductive than steel while offering similar strength and load-bearing characteristics. It is used between the existing substrate, which can be open framing, masonry, concrete, or just about any other wall material, and the exterior wall cladding, typically metal panels, masonry or composite materials. It forms the basis of the SMARTci continuous insulation system, which includes insulation made from foam panels, sprayed foam, mineral wool or fiberglass batts, as well as GreenGirts, GreenGirt inserts, installation materials and accessories. The GreenGirt features a variable-height profile that can accept insulation thicknesses from 2 to 6 inches, and a special weather seal that interlocks with the insulation to create an air, water and vapor-resistant seal. It also has a set of anti-siphon grooves to control moisture and a universal wall cladding attachment system that eliminates the thermal bridging common in conventional insulation systems, where the cladding fasteners penetrate the insulation itself. The green girt completely isolates the wall cladding thermally from the interior wall surface, allowing for a high degree of thermal performance that reduces the building's energy usage and energy costs.

How does it work?

The GreenGirt is made from a composite fiberglass structure that improves the effective R-value of the SMARTci continuous system by reducing thermal bridging, while providing an effective compression seal around the insulation to create a barrier that is resistant to air, water and vapor. It eliminates conventional metal sub-girts that can transfer heat between the exterior wall cladding and the interior wall, as well as the fasteners in conventional systems that penetrate the insulation to support the wall cladding.

The GreenGirt includes a built-in universal wall cladding attachment system, to which your choice of wall cladding can be anchored. Because the GreenGirts support the wall cladding directly and are insulated, they thermally-isolate the exterior cladding from the interior surface, improving the insulation's efficiency and reducing the building's heating and cooling costs.

How does the material compare to steel?

The composite GreenGirts are over 240 times less thermally-conductive than steel, allowing them to reduce heat transfer between the interior wall and the exterior cladding. They are also comparable to steel in both strength and load-bearing capability, and they can support deadloads of up to 100 pounds per square foot and windloads of 100 pounds per square foot. They have the same loading characteristics of metal Z girt at similar depths, and they have a Class 1 fire rating, as well as UL94 V0 and ASTM E84 ratings.

GreenGirts are also quicker and easier to install than systems using steel girts, and due to their composite construction, they are not susceptible to moisture, corrosion or electrochemical reactions. GreenGirts and the SMARTci system are environmentally-friendly, as well, and can help your project earn points towards LEED certification.

What are the benefits of GreenGirt?

The GreenGirt offers easy installation, and in conjunction with the SMARTci continuous insulation system, it requires fewer components to create a finished wall, making the process less complex and time-consuming. It offers superior thermal performance to metal Z girt systems, and it eliminates the thermal bridging common in wall cladding systems by including a built-in universal cladding attachment system. The GreenGirt system also improves the performance of the insulation, by incorporating a special weather seal that interlocks with the insulation, creating a strong compressive seal that prevents air, water and vapor intrusion into the finished wall. It offers the strength and load-bearing capabilities of equivalent steel products, without the susceptibility to moisture, corrosion and electrochemical reactions.


  • Wade Architectural Systems
    Needed an Alternative to Steel Z Girt
    GreenGirt Was Perfect for the Job
    Written by: Harold Y.
    Date Published: 2016-03-13

    Recent code changes made steel Z-girt less attractive for our next project. The team at Wade Architectural Systems suggested GreenGirt, and the SMARTci system, which turned out to be much easier to install, and it will save tons of money on heating and cooling in the future. Thanks!

  • Wade Architectural Systems
    Wanted the Most Efficient Insulation System Possible
    : GreenGirt Was Suggested by Your Team
    Written by: Sean U.
    Date Published: 2016-03-13

    We are building in the Northeast, and it just makes sense to pack as much insulation as possible into our project to avoid the cold and the high energy costs. Your staff at Wade Architectural System informed us about GreenGirt, and the SMARTci system. Not only was it cost-effective, but it was a breeze to install and adds significant R-value to our existing insulation.