February 27, 2023
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Longboard Architectural Products

Want to bring your design vision together with innovative materials, creative aesthetics, and shorter lead times?

Sourcing materials that align with all your goals may seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, Wade Architectural Systems works with a variety of manufacturers, ensuring that you always have the options you need. Our specialists will work with you to determine the best products and materials for your project. When placing your order, Wade will provide you with optional installation drawings and ensure all warranties are in place.

Whether you’re looking for long-lasting durability, improved energy efficiency, or LEED certification – Wade has your solution.

With Longboard Architectural Products from Wade Architectural Systems, we provide the right materials for your design, timeline, and budget.

7 Ways Longboard Enhances Building Design with Optimal Benefits

Starting with quality materials, Longboard offers a wide variety of colors and finishes to help you meet your design goals. Longboard products are made from recyclable materials that lower the carbon footprint of any building. Sustainable options are better for the environment, reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency, and they can come in practically any aesthetic to complement architects’ designs.

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1. Ready-To-Ship Products for Shorter Lead Time

When you need shorter lead times for high-design products, Longboard is your solution.

Longboard is changing the face of architectural design by offering sustainable, innovative materials to meet any design aesthetic. From interior to exterior, you can choose from various designs that encompass the entire installation system.

Their extensive array of off-the-shelf products leaves the warehouse in 3-6 business days once ordered. This is highly advantageous for architects and builders to avoid delays in manufacturing.

Make the most of your time and leave delays behind. Talk to Wade Architectural Systems about how they can help you find the right products without the wait.

2. Customizable for Any Design

While Longboard does provide many off-the-shelf options for you to choose from, they also offer fully customizable orders. If one of Longboard’s many standard products doesn’t work for you, they will work with you and Wade Architectural Systems to create a custom solution.

Whether you need a specific powder coating finish, custom aluminum extrusions, or any other product Longboard offers – they can make your vision a reality.

Both the off-the-shelf and custom products are made from recyclable materials, preventing the need to add to any landfill. This also helps add points to your LEED certification scorecard.

3. A Variety of Innovative & Sustainable Exterior Solutions

Longboard provides exterior systems that are durable, sustainable, and innovative. Their high-grade aluminum metal panels come in a variety of finishes. This includes finishes such as woodgrains, solid colors, specialty, and naturally aged metals.

Rather than use traditional materials, such as real wood or brick, you can get the exterior aesthetic you want with much less maintenance. Plus, aluminum materials last much longer than traditional materials. The benefits of these materials start with shorter lead times, reduced labor costs with easy installation, and long-lasting durability.

In fact, to clean the exterior metal panels, you simply need to rinse them with a hose. You can also use a mild detergent to remove any build-up that accumulates between rinsings. This allows you to keep your building looking fresh, new, and always presentable.

For the best results for your design and budget, connect with Wade Architectural Systems during your initial design phase. Contact us today.

4. Various Exterior Options

Longboard’s custom and off-the-shelf products offer a wide variety of high-quality options to complement your exterior design plans.

With planks, panels, and open joint cladding systems to choose from, your design can take on any aesthetic. From sleek, modern silhouettes to the fresher look of exposed beams, fins, or planks, Longboard has your solution.

For siding and soffit, the tongue and groove plank cladding system is manufactured in 24-foot lengths that can be easily fabricated in the facility or in the field. This allows builders to easily install the materials according to the architect’s design. In addition to easy installation, the materials are weather resistant, non-combustible, and come in dozens of finishes for you to choose.

By request, Longboard released the Panelboard cladding system in 2021. This system is designed to give the look of a solid large format panel. Using many of the same components for mounting and trim as the tongue and groove, this system is designed to look as if it is a solid format panel. However, compared to true large format panels, the individual components and planks give the designer more options and are easier for builders to install.

Additionally, Longboard also offers open joint cladding systems. This product line includes cladding beams, fins, or planks. The pieces are installed with wide spacing between each item, creating a unique exterior facade.

Each building cladding envelope option utilizes soffits that allow for ventilation and protect against moisture formation. With a huge array of designs, finishes, and textures, architects and designers are able to achieve various aesthetics with the soffits and cladding materials.

5. Acoustical Materials for Interior Ambience

When creating a commercial space, Longboard’s off-the-shelf products, such as the cladding and soffit systems above, can be customized to help you reach your goals.

From custom ceilings to interior walls, Wade works with architects to choose the best materials to complement their exterior and interior designs. This includes everything from walls, cladding systems, ceilings, and even privacy screens.

However, Longboard products cater to more than just durable aesthetics. In fact, they take the end user’s comfort into consideration. Which is why you can choose acoustical treatment options for your interior walls to create the perfect work ambiance.

The sounds inside a building can directly affect visitors in your space. This is why acoustically treated walls are not just nice to have. Instead, they are essential when designing interior spaces.

Unfortunately, many traditional materials cause noise reflection and reverberation. Not only does this cause distractions, but it can also affect their health by causing higher stress and tinnitus. According to the CDC, “14% of high blood pressure cases among workers could be linked to loud noise on the job.”

However, you can avoid sensory damage to your visitors and create a better experience with acoustically treated Longboard products.

6. Simple Installation Reduces Costs

Longboard products are designed for simple and fast installation. Their systems are simple to install with comprehensive installation guidelines. In addition, Longboard also has installation videos for most systems. When used in conjunction with Wade Architectural Systems’ optional installation drawings, your project will surely be a success. Meaning, your builder will know exactly how to install Longboard products swiftly and effectively.

Appropriate installation is necessary to get the durable, long-lasting benefits of Longboard products. For example, the tongue and groove mounting for Longboard’s Panelboards seal the exterior walls. This prevents moisture, debris, pests, and more from entering the building’s facade.

Furthermore, the installation method creates the look of a solid, continuous panel. Onlookers will not know that what appears to be wood or other finishes is actually high-grade aluminum.

7. Longboard’s Design Assist Package + Wade’s Expertise Provides the Best Solutions

Wade Architectural Systems’ experienced team partners with Longboard’s expertise to accommodate any architect’s designs.

Together, we can take your ideas and goals to the next level with innovative products. Longboard products’ long-lasting durability means your designs will stand the test of time.

By using recyclable materials, such as aluminum, you can feel good about the sustainability of your building and design options. Longboard creates products that reduce carbon emissions throughout their life cycle. This is incredibly beneficial to architects, builders, and building owners with LEED certification goals in mind.

Meet Your Design Goals with Wade Architectural Systems

When you want durable, sustainable, health-conscious, and high-quality materials in your build – you need the experts at Wade Architectural Systems on your side.

We work with manufacturers to source the best materials to complement architects’ designs. This comes down to choosing products that align with the right aesthetics, functionality, and durability that your project needs.

Longboard Architectural Products offers a wide variety of ready-to-ship materials without the wait. By offering shorter lead times, Wade can help you reach your high design goals in less time.

Ready to learn more about what Wade can do for you and your next build? Contact us today.