March 10, 2023
March 10, 2023 admin

Decorative Panels and Patterns for Every Project

Have you experienced the power of patterns in your commercial construction projects?

If so, you’re probably fully aware of the beautiful addition design patterns can make to any project. Especially with laser cut perforated metal panels, the designs are fully customizable. This allows architects to achieve even their most unique vision.

However, patterned panels serve much more than just design. In fact, you can use the decorative metal panels from Parasoleil for a multitude of functional applications both indoors and outdoors. With each application, the decorative panels elevate the design of what would otherwise be an easy-to-overlook bland facade.

5 Ways To Use Decorative Panels In Commercial Construction

Wondering how you can use decorative metal panels in your next project? From interior to exterior, you can complement your design with unique, custom patterns laser cut into durable and functional metal panels.

The Wade team and our manufacturers bring together architects, designers, and engineers who understand the creative process. We work together to bridge the gaps between the architects’ and designers’ vision, material performance, and manufacturing capabilities.

While there are endless possibilities with how to utilize these materials in your design, here are our 5 favorite applications.

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1. Welcome Visitors To Your Building Via A Beautiful Entrance

The first impression visitors have of your building is when they arrive for the first time. That first look and feeling as a visitor approaches your building is setting a tone. If your building is bland on the exterior, you are missing out on opportunities to wow your visitors with a memorable first impression. As a result, you are already adding tasks to your workload to shift their perspective in a positive light.

Rather than concern yourself with how to drum up reasons for clients and others to experience what your building has to offer, make it a destination they can’t wait to see with their own eyes. Parasoleil’s Paraclad substructure system and decorative aluminum panels make this possible with beautiful and custom laser-cut designs.

These aluminum panels feature fully customizable laser-cut designs for exterior cladding systems. The high-quality engineering of these panels provides an impactful design that meets high-durability standards.

2. Create Outdoor Perimeters That Truly Stand Out

Parasoleil’s fully configurable patterned panel systems help to create multi-functional spaces in and around your building. From outlining the property while complementing the landscaping to directing visitors where to walk, the patterned metal panels have a multitude of uses in commercial buildings and other structures.

Using Parasoleil’s railing and guardrail systems as a perimeter complements design while providing a sight line to your building’s exterior. With light and air able to flow through the laser-cut pattern, you can showcase your landscape design from beyond your property line without infringing on the plants’ health.

Plus, the panels are useful for separating outdoor areas. For instance, you can create breezy outdoor eating and meeting areas. With custom designs in the metal panels, air can flow through the space, preventing a stuffy situation. Moreover, you can add the Parasoleil Shade System to allow filtered light into the space without overwhelming users with direct sunlight.

Outdoor spaces built with Parasoleil decorative metal panels create ideal spaces to allow users to enjoy nice weather in a safe and comfortable environment.

3. Elevate Your Landscaping Design With Stunning Decorative Panels

Thoughtful landscape design can certainly elevate any outdoor space. However, you can take the design and function further with Parasoleil’s privacy screens and shade systems.

Imagine functional spaces for relaxing or working throughout your exterior. Add an Eclipse metal shade system to these designated areas and users can enjoy filtered sunlight and airflow. This can help to bolster creativity and productivity in office parks.

When used in outdoor applications, Parasoleil’s laser-cut metal panels enable the usability of more space around your building. Users are able to take advantage of nice weather and move their meetings outside. Or if they simply want a fresh air break while eating lunch, they can do so comfortably. This adds to the list of amenities your building has to offer. As a result, it will drive more potential tenants to want to move their operations into your facility.

Plus, the beautiful metal panels can also be used for shaded areas in city parks, parking lots, and various other applications.

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4. Continuous Design Throughout The Building’s Exterior

By offering a large variety of finishes and custom laser-cut designs, you can attain a unique and continuous design throughout your building’s exterior with Parasoleil metal panels.

With complementing colors, textures, and designs running from the first look as a visitor approaches all the way through the interior creates a cohesive and organic element. This is the type of first impression that will put visitors at ease as they take in the beautiful and well-thought-out aesthetic.

With Parasoleil products, you can have a continuous design that encompasses the entire exterior of your building. Facades, perimeter fences, covered entryways, and more draw the eye toward the beautiful aesthetics of your custom pattern laser cut into the metal panels.

5. Various Application Options Throughout Urban Areas

While Parasoleil offers amazing options for building facades, the options expand far beyond. In fact, many primarily outdoor spaces can utilize its various application options to enhance a space’s aesthetic and functionality.

City parks often use patterned metal privacy screens to create functional outdoor work areas for volunteer groups and others to gather and contribute to the park’s improvement. This is because you can fully customize the laser-cut patterns to meet your design and operational goals. In fact, many parks are choosing design patterns that mimic trees in their overhead shading systems. This creates a gorgeous canopy cover to keep visitors cool while they are enjoying nature.

Zoos also use laser cut and perforated panels in their perimeter fences, animal enclosures, guard rails, and more. This adds an elevated design element to spaces that are functional and picturesque – ultimately keeping both humans and animals safe and secure.

Furthermore, many stadiums and parking structures use perforated and laser-cut metals for both functionality and design. Shaded areas are necessary for commuter areas where long lines occur while waiting to enter a facility or to get on a bus to reach the final destination.

Wade Provides Creative Solutions for Exterior Applications with Decorative Panels

Wade Architectural Systems partners with building material manufacturers to supply our clientele with the best possible products for their projects.

With several decades of experience, our experts have extensive knowledge of architectural-grade products and provide the most detailed installation drawings in our industry. With our expertise and your designs, we can work together to choose the best possible materials for your construction project.

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