Add Flair to Your Building With These 4 Types of Centria Panels

Centira Metal Panels

Centria is an industry-leading manufacturer of exterior metal building products, including architectural metal wall panels, composite metal wall panels and insulated panel systems, as well as accessories like windows, louvers and sunshades that complement their wall panel systems to create an integrated building solution. For over 100 years they have been providing innovative architectural building products for industrial, commercial and institutional use that are not only durable, but visually pleasing, sustainable and easy to use.

Centria offers over 15 different wall panel systems, with a variety of finishes, profiles, sizes and attachment systems, and they offer a number of custom-manufactured options. Here is an overview of some of the most popular Centria panels:

#1 Architectural Insulated Metal Panel Systems

The Formawall Dimension series of insulated metal panels offers both vertical and horizontal metal panels with an integrated foam insulation system that provides efficient thermal performance, moisture resistance and an integrated air barrier. They are available in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses, reveals, and flat or three-dimensional profiles. The panels can be mitered to create perfect corners, or curved to follow the building’s contour, and they are available in a wide variety of colors with either a striated, embossed or smooth finish. They feature hidden fasteners with weather-tight joints that prevent staining, while still allowing for natural ventilation.

The Formawall Graphix series takes the innovations of the Formawall series to new levels of architectural design with panels that can be sub-divided to appear as up to 24 individual panels, using a combination of horizontal, vertical or diagonal reveals within the same panel. Additionally, each panel can combine several different colors, as well as multiple finishes, including smooth, embossed or striated textures. The panels can be used horizontally or vertically, and they can be mixed and matched to create complex geometrical patterns.

To finish off your building’s design, there are a number of accessories that integrate with the Formawall system, including windows, louvers and sunshades, to create a visually-attractive complete building solution.

#2 Insulated Metal Panels

The Versawall series of insulated metal panels by Centria offers a lightweight vertical metal panel that is available in long lengths that are perfect for creating unbroken vertical sight-lines on small or medium-height buildings such as warehouses, schools, retail establishments or maintenance facilities. With integrated insulation that forms a strong composite structure, Versawall panels are light, strong and easy to install, with only basic framing required. They create moisture-proof air barrier that allows for natural ventilation, and with a thermal break and panel thicknesses of up to 4 inches, they provide efficient thermal performance. They are available in 30 or 36-inch panel widths, and they can be finished with a variety of colors in either a natural texture or a striated surface.

Like the Versawall, the Versapanel series is a long insulated metal wall panel that is designed to be installed vertically. It features an attractive ribbed design that is available in a variety of colors with either a natural or striated texture, and it features panel thicknesses of up to 4 inches, with a maximum R-Value of 32. It includes factory-installed vapor and moisture barriers, with concealed fasteners and tongue and groove joints.

For buildings that require advanced fire resistance, the VersaShield MW series replaces the foam insulation with mineral wool to create a vertical wall panel with a 1-hour fire rating for the 4-inch-thick panel, a 2-hour rating for the 6-inch panel or a 3-hour rating for the 8-inch thick panel. The VersaShield MW panel is perfect for buildings that store flammable materials or for businesses like welding shops that continually generate sparks or flames.

#3 Metal Composite Material Wall Panel Systems

The FormaBond composite metal panels features two sheets of aluminum bonded to a polyurethane core. This creates a strong, flat metal panel that is light and easy to install. It is available in panel widths of up to 60 inches and lengths of up to 180 inches, in a wide variety of custom colors. The FormaBond II composite metal panel is made of two sheets of metal bonded to either a polyethylene or a fire-rated core. It is available in thicknesses of 4 and 6 millimeters, and a variety of custom colors. Both feature a dry seal technology that prevents moisture infiltration, while promoting natural ventilation that allows retained moisture and condensation to naturally evaporate.

#4 Profile Series Metal Panels

The Concept series of un-insulated metal panels is available in either horizontal or vertical configurations, with multiple three-dimensional profiles and colors, and either a stucco-embossed or smooth finish. They feature concealed fasteners that allow for thermal expansion or seismic activity, and a common locking joint that allows different profiles to be mixed on the same wall.

The IW series is available in vertical or horizontal configurations and features one of several ribbed designs. The panels come with either a smooth or embossed finish in several custom colors, and they feature a common interlocking joint that allows different ribbed designs to be mixed in the same installation.

Available in both horizontal and vertical deigns, the Profile Exposed Fastener series features ribbed profiles, and can be used for exterior walls, interior walls, roofs, soffits or fascias. The panels have high wind resistance and are available in a number of colors, with either a smooth or embossed finish.

Featuring a ribbed design that does away with sharp angles, the Cascade series features gentle slopes and soft curves that give the panels a truly unique appearance. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, and they feature a common joint that allows any of the multiple profiles to be mixed on the same wall, or they can be mixed with panels from the Concept series for even more unique designs. They come in multiple colors, with a smooth or embossed finish.

The EcoScreen series is a horizontal or vertical ribbed panel that is perforated to allow for ventilation or natural lighting. It is available in multiple colors, with varying degrees of perforation.

These are just a few of the many Centria Panels that are available, and with so many choices, it will be easy to find a metal wall panel system that gives your building the perfect finishing touch, or that inspires a ground-breaking architectural design.