June 16, 2015
June 16, 2015 admin

9 Versatile Applications For Metal Wall Panels

Metal on a wall is not a new trend growing in the yuppie areas of your state as people drink their mocha lattes and read monotone books about naughty office shenanigans. Wall panels have been used for decades in building projects for residential homes and commercial buildings. No, we are not referring to shanty towns where the next zombie apocalypse survivors build corrugated metal huts. Metal wall panels are versatile, contemporary, and even chic, depending on the application. People have been using these panels as artwork, surrounds in bathrooms, and even awnings because of the many available styles and colors. Here are 9 ideas on where to place this type of affordable metal on your home or commercial building.

1: Outdoor Showers

Living by the beach has so many perks that we can’t even count when the days grow hot and long as the kid’s sweat on the carpet. That water looks so inviting to splash in, yet leaving the salt on your skin is no fun. Outdoor showers are a necessity, yet can be annoying when the neighbor is playing peek-a-boo over the privacy fence with the picture feature on their smartphones. Using metal panels for the walls allows you to take a shower in peace, have the privacy you want, and be durable enough to withstand the outdoor weather. The number of available colors allows you to match the outdoor shower with the landscape themes in your yard.

2: Vintage Metal Signs

Old corrugated metal signs were all the rage before the 1980s. You could find these signs hanging on businesses, over doorways, or along walls. The signs could depict American flags, gas pumps, soft drinks, vegetable products, and a wide range of other products and services. Today, vintage signs are sought-after as artwork hung inside homes as they lend a touch of nostalgia to any room style.

3: Awnings

You may have never considered metal panels to be used as awnings. Yet, metal was and still is such an affordable and durable product that it was ideal for placing these economical metal panels on awnings. They could withstand a different range of weather conditions without tearing, being blown off, or fading like the canvas awnings seen on commercial buildings.

You should also consider awnings made out of metal if you are the type of person who loves collecting rainwater to water the garden’s vegetables or flowers. Place the buckets right underneath to catch the free water falling from the sky.

4: Bathroom Surrounds

It may seem strange to use metal panels in the bathroom until you have kids. From watching the paint fade around the sink because they are sailing their boats in the sink to having telltale stains on the back wall behind the toilet, such messes are a lot easier to clean — or at least hide — with metal panels. You can place them behind the toilet, along the wall over the sink, and even around standing tubs. Just make sure the kid doesn’t carry in drumsticks to beat on the metal during bath time.

5: Retaining Walls

Whether you are looking for retaining walls to hold back shifting soil on your sloped property or to hide the scrap yard from the local authorities, metal panels work perfectly as they are easy to install and can last for years. You can get very creative with your decorating designs when making the retaining walls. Adding different materials and hardscapes will make the metal stand out and be admired. You can use the metal panels with dark wooden posts and small boulders as edging to create a unique flair to the landscape.

6: Backsplashes

Backsplashes beg for industrial and modern metal designs, especially when you have stainless steel appliances and other home elements. Remember that metal panels do not have to have corrugated designs or even look like metal to be used as building materials. You can get the perfect backsplash that will look great and be durable for years without rusting away. And even if they do rust a little, that aspect adds to the room’s overall charm.

7: Office Decor

Don’t forget that metal panels can look like just about anything, making them the perfect conversational piece in office buildings. From cutouts of the company name to looking like art masterpieces, these panels can spruce up any office environment without distraction. Having these architectural elements can also create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for customers or clients visiting the business.

8: Wall Treatments

There is no building wall anywhere in the world that can’t have a metal panel stuck to it. One thing to consider about metal panels is that they do not have to be flat or corrugated when placed up on the wall. Metal can be shaped and molded into different angles when there are unique architectural details to the building. They can go around a round corner, have a tiered look or even give a 3-dimensional effect to a wall. They can look like wood or stone panels and come in several different colors to be placed onto a building to give it a stunning appearance.

For wall treatments in the home, you may consider metal panels in places where you want to add protection to the walls. Many people enjoy the warmth of wood-burning stoves in homes yet are worried because of the hot pipe running close to the wall to vent out the smoke. Placing a metal panel along the wall can give you the peace of mind that you have lowered the risks of a house fire occurring because of the hot wood stove.

9: Mud Lockers

What’s a mud locker? Mud lockers and mudrooms are places inside a home or building leading to an exterior door. The room catches the rain, dirt, and snow from jackets, shoes, and clothing when a person steps inside. The clothing can be removed and placed on hooks to dry to not dirty the rest of the home. Metal panels can be placed inside the locker areas to keep the wall dry from wet clothing.