7 Benefits of the SMARTci System

SMARTci System Benefits

Insulation is one of the most important parts of any building. It provides a thermal barrier between the interior of the structure and the exterior. By choosing a high-performance, energy-efficient insulation system, you can prevent heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, reducing the building's heating and cooling costs dramatically.

Because of the way they are installed, conventional insulation systems often leave gaps in the insulation structure, and they include uninsulated metal components that promote thermal bridging between the interior and exterior surfaces. The gaps allow conditioned air to escape to the outdoors, and unconditioned air to find a way inside, while the thermal bridging allows heat travel from the interior to the exterior during the winter, and from the exterior to the interior during the summer.

The SMARTci system was designed to eliminate many of the common problems found in conventional insulation systems. Instead of standard metal Z-girts, SMARTci uses a system of insulated composite GreenGirts, which thermally isolate the exterior wall cladding from the interior. The GreenGirts also provide a weather barrier seal that interlocks with the insulation and eliminates the gaps found in other systems. Together, these features create a thermally-efficient barrier that protects against moisture and air infiltration.

SMARTci is an economical and energy-efficient alternative to conventional insulation systems, and it is quick and easy to install. Here are some of the benefits that SMARTci can provide during your next project:

#1 Reduced Thermal Bridging

In many wall cladding systems, metal Z-girts are fastened directly to the building's interior framing, which allows heat from the interior to flow through the fasteners, grits and wall cladding to the exterior of the building during cooler weather, and allows heat to travel to the interior during hot weather. Furthermore, the insulation is secured with fasteners that are driven through the insulation, creating even more instances of thermal bridging.

The SMARTci system uses GreenGirts, which are made from composite materials and insulated to prevent the transfer of heat. With a built-in wall cladding attachment system, GreenGirts effectively isolate the exterior wall cladding from the interior, eliminating thermal bridging through the girts and fasteners. Additionally, with the built-in insulation retention system, GreenGirts also eliminate the need for fasteners to be driven through the insulation, further reducing thermal bridging. GreenGirts are just as strong and durable as conventional metal Z-grits, without being prone to corrosion, moisture or electrochemical reactions.

#2 Better Thermal Performance

Conventional insulation systems often have gaps and significant thermal bridging, which reduce thermal performance and increase a building's heating and cooling costs. The SMARTci system eliminates thermal bridging through its insulated GreenGirts, thermally isolating the cladding from the interior, and it uses a special weather barrier seal that fits into a channel cut into the insulation panels, forming a weather-tight seal that prevents air and moisture infiltration.

The SMARTci system is available with a choice of insulation, including polyisoyanurate or polystyrene foam panels, mineral wool, fiberglass or sprayed foam. The insulation can range from 2 to 4 inches thick, and grooves are cut into the insulation panels or batts to secure them into the GreenGirts. Once properly installed, the SMARTci system provides an efficient seal against moisture and air infiltration, and it prevents the cold spots that lead to condensation and mold growth.

By eliminating thermal bridging and providing a weather-tight seal, the SMARTci system provides unparalleled thermal performance that can reduce energy usage and dramatically lower a building’s heating and cooling costs compared to conventional insulation systems.

#3 Can Be Used Over Any Substrate

Conventional insulation systems are inflexible and can often be installed over only certain types of materials. The SMARTci system can be installed over open stud framing, or just about any existing substrate, including wood, masonry or concrete surfaces, as well as roof decks. This allow the SMARTci system to be used in nearly any building project, including new construction and retrofits. It is quick and easy to install, with fewer parts compared to competing insulation systems and a less complex installation process.

#4 Accepts Any Type of Cladding

The SMARTci feature a built-in universal wall cladding attachment system, which makes it easy to attach exterior cladding and thermally isolate the cladding from the interior. The attachment system can be used to install just about any type of exterior cladding, including metal wall panels, composite wall panels, masonry, concrete or wood. The GreenGirt composite sub-girts provide plenty of strength to handle even the heaviest loads, and is rated to withstand deadloads or windloads of up to 100 pounds per square foot.

#5 Installs Quickly and Easily

Conventional insulation systems can be difficult and time-consuming to install, with lots of individual parts and a labor-intensive installation process. The SMARTci system eliminates many of the parts required for installation, like separate fasteners for the insulation, and it comes as a full kit, which includes the GreenGirts, insulation panels, GreenGirt inserts, and an installation pancake that features shop drawings and comprehensive installation instructions. With fewer parts and a less complicated installation process, the SMARTci system is much faster to install than competing systems, saving both time and money.

#6 Sustainable

The GreenGirts in the SMARTci system are made from a combination of naturally sourced bioresins and recycled glass, and they are easily recycled at the end of their life. With the combination of sustainable materials and thermal efficiency, the SMARTci system is environmentally friendly, and it can help your project earn credits towards LEED certification.

#7 Meets Industry Standards

The SMARTci system meets the ASHRAE 90.1-2013 and ASHRAE 160-2009 code requirements, and the GreenGirts feature UL94 V0, ASTM E84 and Class 1 fire ratings. The SMARTci system is a safe, durable and strong continuous insulation system that meets all applicable building and safety requirements.

With so many attractive features, the SMARTci system can make a great addition to any project, large or small, commercial or industrial. It is quick and easy to install, affordable, energy-efficient and sustainable, and can be used with many types of insulation, wall cladding and substrates.