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Buildings Should Have to be Boring

Many commercial buildings are built strictly to satisfy their function, their utilitarian needs. They lack inspired designs, with white or off-white single color walls, no interesting shapes or textures, and walls that are conventional and flat. While these buildings perform well as far as housing the staff and the projects within, they are not very interesting to look at and contribute to the overall blandness that many urban designs often have in common.

Products like Ceilings Plus panels, however, can easily be used to create dramatic interiors in every project you design, without breaking the bank. Ceilings Plus panels are designed around a lightweight recycled aluminum core covered with different finishes, including painted finishes, solid, perforated and wood-veneered designs in an array of shapes and sizes, allowing interesting patterns to be created in either two or three dimensions. They offer unprecedented design flexibility, and are economical, lightweight and durable.

Here are just a few of the ways that Ceilings Plus products can make your building’s design much more exciting:


#1 Unique Finishes and Textures

Common commercial wall finishes often feature standard primary colors, such as white or off-white, without any variety, and without any interesting textures. With Ceilings Plus panels, you can choose from a wide variety of finishes and textures that add depth and excitement to a room, and can be mixed and matched to create interesting eye-catching designs.

There are more than eight types of natural-looking metal finishes available, including stainless, silver or annealed steel, as well as several specialty white finishes with reflective properties that are designed to enhance ambient lighting. There are custom painted panels available, in thousands of custom colors, as well as more than 32 varieties of wood veneers or laminates, combining the natural look of wood, such as cherry, maple, oak, or pine, with the lightweight, and durable aluminum core standard in all Ceilings Plus panels.

Each panel can be customized with perforations to enhance the acoustics or lighting in a room, and panels with multiple shapes, sizes and finishes can be mixed to create custom designs.


#2 Curves, Domes or Waves

Ceilings in a commercial building do not need to be flat, as they often are. By incorporating curves and other interesting shapes, you can create excitement in the room and cover unsightly details like air ducts, HVAC equipment, wiring and lighting systems naturally, without the standard suspended ceiling installation common in most commercial buildings.

Ceilings Plus panels are available in three-dimensional, curved patterns, waves and domed shapes to give your building a unique look and empower you to create a truly unique design. The Radians collection by Ceilings Plus can be used to create nearly any type of curved, three-dimensional design, from vast elliptical domed ceilings to gentle curves rising from the outer walls to the center of the room. The Radians panels are available in all the standard finishes, and a variety of curves and patterns can be mixed together to create unique effects and designs that give a room depth and unique character.


#3 Shaped Panels

Common suspended ceiling panels found in commercial buildings are either square or rectangular panels. There is often not much variety, and they are only available in a few limited colors.

With Ceilings Plus panels from the Illusions series, you can expand your design opportunities with panels available in thousands of color, texture and finish options, as well as a variety of two dimensional shapes, including squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombi, pentagons, hexagons, and a variety of other unique standard or custom shapes.

The panels can be used together, with a variety of colors and finishes, to create unique two-dimensional designs on flat surfaces, or when combined with specialized mounting systems, they can be used together to create amazing three-dimensional patterns and structures. Virtually unlimited design possibilities are achievable with the Illusions series, and they are available in all the standard finishes, with or without perforations for light and sound control.


#4 Innovative Linear Ceilings

Many commercial buildings feature linear ceilings instead of suspended panels, using wood boards, metals or composites installed lengthwise. Ceilings plus offers an alternative to standard linear ceilings, with its Barz, Planx and Mirra series of linear ceilings, which feature panels designed to look like two-dimensional boards, or thee-dimensional collections of beams, slats, boards, and other elements. They are available in a number of finishes, including natural-looking wood veneers or laminates, custom painted colors, and a variety of metal finishes.

Barz and Planx offer the unique look of wood boards, beams, slats and other elements without the extra weight, or the tendency to shrink, expand, warp and twist that natural wood exhibits. They are stronger and longer-lasting than ceilings made from natural wood, and are not subject to water damage or humidity problems. The Mirra series of linear ceiling panels are the metal-finished version of the Planx panels, with a variety of natural-looking metal finishes and colors available. Barz, Planx and Mirra panels can be mixed and matched together, or with other Ceiling Plus panels to create truly unique designs, as well as custom shapes and patterns.


#5 Custom Accessories

In addition to two-dimensional and three-dimensional shaped panels, linear ceilings, and other standard ceiling panels, Ceilings Plus offers a variety of other panels, parts and accessories. The Multiples series offers a variety of square or rectangular panels, with a choice of finishes and colors, with three different mounting systems for standard suspended ceilings. The Runways series offers a number of unique Ceiling panels specifically designed for hallways and other long, narrow spaces, and the Wallforms series provides several types of interior wall panels. Ceilings Plus also offers a full line of accessories, such as column covers, light coves, fascias, soffits, and partitions to complete your design.

With the variety of products available from Ceilings Plus, there are simply no limits to the designs you can achieve in your building. Make it unique, exciting and inviting to staff and customers alike.