Add Flair to Your Building With These 5 Types of Centria Panels

Add Flair To Your Building With These
5 Types of CENTRIA Panels

Insulated metal panels have aided architects and builders in revolutionizing the concept of building design. The availability of these panels in a myriad of combinations, color families, and several textural finish options, now give architects the autonomy to create visually inspiring, high performance facades that are sustainable and easy to use.


These panels offer mass customization of material which has resulted in an efficient and cost-effective solutions to previously complex panel applications.


When talking about insulated metal panels, CENTRIA is a name that speaks for itself. Established in 1906, CENTRIA is well known for manufacturing the best exterior metal building products in the market.


Their range of building solutions include metal insulated wall panels, with accessories (i.e. windows louvers and sunshades), roofs and rain-screen facades.


CENTRIA’s wall panel systems come in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes, so that customers do not have to compromise on aesthetics or functionality. The result is a lightweight and highly insulated metal panel system that provides a sleek and modern look to practically any type of building.

Here are five of everyone’s favorite CENTRIA panel systems that can help add flair to your building.


1) Architectural Insulated Metal Panel Systems

CENTRIA has a range of Formawall wall panel systems, which come with standard halogen-free foam core to deliver ultimate safety and sustainability.


These panel systems are Red-list free and the subject of a health product declaration. They are also exclusively FM 4882-certified, and surpass all the required protocols for the NFPA 285 complete wall assembly test!


Within the Formawall series, CENTRIA offers two types of panel systems: The Formawall Dimension series and the Formawall Graphix Series.


The Formawall Dimension series is available in horizontal and vertical panels, and provides excellent insulation through integrated foam. The metal insulated panels also come with an integrated air barrier and most importantly, are moisture resistant.


The Formawall Graphix Series on the other hand, is designed to amplify the existing features of the Formawall metal insulated wall panels.


These add an edge to architectural design, as the panels can be parted, giving the illusion of being multiple individual panels – as many as 24! They can be used in several arrangements of reveals – vertical, horizontal, and diagonal – and can be mixed and matched to create complex geometrical patterns.


The insulated metal panel systems also come in a variety of color schemes, and surface texture finishes such as embossed, striated, smooth, etc. Additionally, these metal panels can be combined with different accessories, such as sunshades and windows, to create visually stunning wall exteriors!


2) Commercial & Industrial Insulated Metal Panel Systems

A favorite of the Industrial and Commercial sectors, the insulated metal panels by CENTRIA are characterized by their light material. This takes away unnecessary weight from the building material – while maintaining structural integrity at the same time.


These metal panels are primarily vertical, to create uninterrupted links between long panels for the exterior of relatively small buildings.


The two main series in this category are: Versawall and Versapanel.


The insulated metal panels, Versawall, have an integrated system that forms a durable and compact structure. The panels are also strong, easy to install, and only require basic framing.


Their moisture-proof air barrier feature permits natural ventilation, and the thermal break feature with a maximum R-Value of 32 (made possible due to a panel thickness of up to 4 inches), results in efficient thermal performance.


The size of the Versawall panel ranges from 5’ to 52’ in length, and 30” to 36” in width. They are also available in an assortment of colors and textures.


Similar to the Versawall panels, the Versapanel series is also a vertical, insulated metal wall panel. They have an added feature of factory-installed vapor and moisture barriers with concealed fasteners.


To cater to businesses that deal with flammable substances (liquor warehouses, etc.), or ones that constantly work with fire (welding shops, etc.), CENTRIA provides a third series of ultra-fire resistant panels – the VersaShield Modular Metal Panel series.


In the VersaShield MW series, the regular foam insulation is replaced with mineral wool to produce increased fire resistance, and long term durability.


3) Modular Metal Panel Systems

CENTRIA’s Intercept metal panel systems have completely changed the traditional image of rainscreen wall systems.


These modern metal panel systems come in lengths up to 144 inches with a Panel Dimension Tolerance of about 1/16 inches.


Intercept is a sequentially installed panel system which comes in a variety of combinations, color shades, and several texture/finish options. These panels are available in standard coil-coated aluminum substrate, and post-anodized aluminum, zinc, and other natural metals.



The segmented and integrated design of the Intercept metal panel systems means that they are easy to use, and can also double up as an exceptional rain screen system when installed in combination with CENTRIA’s Metalwrap insulated compound backup panels.


Also, a huge advantage of using these panels is that CENTRIA panels installed over Metalwrap are eligible for a 20-year weathertightness warranty and a 10-year warranty on post-anodized Class I finishes.


4) Concealed Fastener Panels

CENTRIA has a range of concealed fastener panels, and rain screens, which have raised single skinned metal panels to new levels. Not only are these low cost alternatives, they’re also aesthetically pleasing and built with sustainability and novelty in mind.


West Texas Food Bank

Cascade metal panels feature concealed fasteners and a common-lock joint, which makes it possible to mix all thirteen profiled rib panels with one another. They can also be used with CENTRIA’s full line of Concept series panels.


The Concept Series panels deliver unmatched performance with stand-off clips that provide a ventilation cavity and drain plane behind the panel. Panel clips also allow for thermal and seismic movements. They can both be installed with CENTRIA’s Metalwrap insulated composite backup panels to form an excellent rain screen system.


Lumberton Municipal Utility District

Additional design options for Concealed Fastener Panels include, Microseam Corners and Microline Extrusions.


5) Custom Metal Panels

Paradigm Custom-Fabricated Metal Panels by CENTRIA have unlimited polygonal rib designs, and user-generated design profiles.


Designers can simply browse through and choose from CENTRIA’s library of standard Paradigm shapes, for easy to process, unique designs. They also have the option to customize project-specific profiles with made-to-order module parameters.


Callier Center

CENTRIA offers more than 85 standard colors and 11 finish options in its Paradigm series, which is best for structural designs where panel types need to be broken down into several components.


The prime example of the Paradigm Custom Metal Panels is the Callier Center for Communication Disorders (as shown in the picture). It was designed using a mix of perforated and partially perforated materials to create an exterior façade with a translucent layer.


All the custom made panels are tested and verified through a simulation system by CENTRIA’s skilled engineers, to ensure that they are of the highest quality.


Insulated metal panels help you add sophistication and beauty to your designs. They provide architects and designers the ability to produce unorthodox designs and infuse contemporary styles into their buildings.


While these are only five of CENTRIA’s best panel systems, there is a huge variety available in the market; with each contributing in a unique way to help you add the perfect finishing touch.